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Surviving Finals: A Playlist

Finals are this week, so here is a two part playlist to get you through the next few days. Part I is to get you jazzed up to study, and Part 2 is for the wee hours of the morning when you don’t know if

Deflating “Deflate-Gate”

Let me preface this article by saying I am commenting as objectively as I possibly can as a die-hard New England Patriots fan. In their fourth straight AFC Championship appearance, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots definitively demolished the inexperienced Indianapolis Colts 45-7. Brady

These cold, hard Irvine winters

Brace yourselves—winter is on its way to SoCal. Some people say that Southern California’s weather is impossible to beat, but those people have never been down here in the dead of winter. For the neophytes: this so-called “sweater weather” is a lot worse than you