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Teacher of the Month: Chris Di Antonio

Math teacher Chris Di Antonio is the December teacher of the month. In an interview with The Howler Online, he discussed his experience as a teacher, his interest in math and his hobbies outside of school. Cara Kim: How long have you taught at Northwood?

Album Review: “FOUR” is a Four out of Five

Whether you agree with it or not, One Direction still remains the world’s biggest band, four years since they first began to take the world by storm after coming in third place on the British version of “The X Factor.” Last month, the boy band

[Insert Fandom Here] Feature

Movies, books, YouTube videos, anime and K-pop. These forms of media don’t just go hand in hand with procrastination, but are also explored in Northwood’s [Insert Fandom Here] club. The club provides students a chance to discuss their shared interests with fellow members, allowing them