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Mr. Timberwolf 2015

A plastic red carpet. A theater of excited whispers. The dimming lights, then darkness. This was the Second Annual Mr. Timberwolf Pageant, which took place Wednesday, May 13, as a creative way to entertain Northwood. Chased in by the spotlight with his comical run was

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Dear Northwood… It’s not you, it’s me :(

Dear Northwood, I love your rolling hills. I love your majestic oak. I love your friendships and your memories (I’ll most definitely hold those forever true). But there are just some things about you that I cannot overlook anymore. I think it’s time to end

A friend liked your post from October 2009

Some people just haven’t learned how to let it go. I mean, come on. That post was from 2009. Yeah. Six years ago. When a friend—as a joke or out of spite—trawls our Facebook timeline and “likes” our old photos or status updates, it’s hard

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What time is it? It’s… horoscope time!

At Northwood, worrying about the future is practically an art form. But at least for today, you can take that stress off your mind by consulting our handy-dandy horoscopes! They’re completely accurate. Like 101%. Pinky promise.   Aries (March 21 – April 19) Big test

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Don’t miss a day in May!

The Class of 2015 celebrated its upcoming graduation with the annual Senior Trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain on May 14. The field trip, a school tradition, offered an opportunity for students to have fun and create memories as a class after four years of