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Issue of the Month: Northwood’s Turf Wars

Northwood students returning to campus this August suddenly found themselves plunged into the middle of a turf war. In an unexpected coup, the natural green grass of Northwood has been replaced with the suburban solution to the California drought: artificial turf. Will this regime change

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AP Summer Homework

Take a step back and try to avoid that knee-jerk rebuke against homework we’ve trained our minds to have. We might not like to admit it, but summer homework does help us a lot. Research has shown that kids who are not given any academic

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Teachers are people, too (continued)

The teachers at Northwood once used to be high school students too, and like all of us, they too have many funny and notable experiences, no matter how much times have changed:   Mr. Hoang You know there’s always an official senior ditch day when

Update: Student Store 2.0

As we’re experiencing some of the hottest weather in Irvine’s history, it is nice to know that the Student Store is always there to provide us with cool beverages at lunch. However, returning NHS students may be having a tough time finding it, as the

Coach Kim-E: Wellbeing and water polo

Kyle Kim-E, head coach of Boys’ Varsity water polo, is a big fish in a familiar pond. A former Northwood student and water polo player, Kim-E is able to connect with his players and boost team morale in ways never done before. Beyond coaching water