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Teachers by day, coaches by night

Sandy Banks – Boys and Girls Tennis History teacher Sandy Banks is the assistant tennis coach for the Boys and Girls Tennis teams. He helps run practices and travels with the team to various tournaments. Banks’ desire to coach tennis stems from playing the sport

Girls tennis hits its sweet spot

After winning five games out of seven in its preseason, Northwood’s Girls Tennis is off to a great start, winning three games out of five in the Pacific Coast League. Under the guidance of head coach John Tichy, the girls hope to surpass their record

Education, business and fun: new clubs of NHS

As we kick off another semester, Northwood welcomes nine new clubs. With such a large variety of clubs on-campus, there’s something for everyone. Stop by these classrooms during lunch, bring old friends and meet new ones. TED-Ed: Northwood’s new TED-Ed club aims to provide a

Northwood, we’re clear for takeoff

Motivated solely by his own zeal and passion for flying, senior Damon Morales prefers to spend his time studying flight handbooks and learning new languages. Unlike most high school students, Morales has known the answer to “What do you want to be when you grow