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St. Patrick’s Day recipe

February finished as quickly as it began, and a sea of green has washed over grocery stores once again. In hopes of capturing the often underrated spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, The Howler Online decided to experiment with a matcha shamrock cookies recipe. Yield: approximately 10

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Playlist live: connecting YouTubers & fans

Friends screaming. Fans fistpumping. Famous YouTubers performing onstage. The rambunctious energy of the yearly Playlist Live convention fills the atmosphere. An annual tradition, the event was established in 2011 by stores for online video creators. Popular YouTube personality Marcus Butler was among the many stars

Recap of the 2015 Oscar Best Picture Nominees

Hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, the 2015 Academy Awards highlighted many distinguished movies that The Howler Online has reviewed (with exception to “Birdman” and “American Sniper”). “Birdman” took home the award for Best Picture while Eddie Redmayne and Julianne Moore were awarded the title of Best Actor/Actress in

How well do you know the ‘Peanuts’ comic?

After a successful run of the “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” musical, Northwood is abuzz with reminiscent thoughts of Snoopy and the “Peanuts” gang. But how much do you really know about these familiar figures from your childhood? Here are some interesting facts about

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Battle of the bands

Irvine’s High School Youth Action Team (YAT) hosted its 20th annual Battle of the Bands at Heritage Park Community Center on Friday, Feb. 13, from 7–11 p.m. Wirebox won first place and Hard Candy won second place. Northwood’s very own band, the Wingdings, performed two