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Et tu, Facebook?

In the wake of the tragedy that occurred in Paris last Friday, most took to social media to express support for France. However, while most of the world is unified in grief for this tragedy, the reactions to social media responses have been divided. Many

From track spikes to tap shoes

Though he’s known for his unbeatable track records, Savion Cotten also proves to be a star in the dance studio. It’s only his second year in Irvine, but he has quickly adjusted to Northwood through his various talents and activities. Oh, and you probably noticed

The buzz about Honeymee

Honeymee is the newest trendy spot in Irvine, but what’s all the buzz about? Its business model is centered around two basic ingredients—milk from family-owned Kosher dairy farms to make their ice cream and locally-sourced honey to drizzle on top. In fact, all items on

Wolfpack club hosts fall dance

The Wolfpack club hosted its annual dance for the special education programs in Orange County on Nov. 13. The fall harvest themed dance took place in the pod of the 1400 building. “The dance was a lot of fun. Everybody seemed to be having a

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Operation Hero: Halloween candy

Doing something sweet this month, Operation Hero held a candy drive on campus in the first week of November, collecting leftover Halloween candy from each classroom. The club works to show appreciation for soldiers and veterans and raise awareness in the community; it organized the