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Coach Kim-E: Wellbeing and water polo

Kyle Kim-E, head coach of Boys’ Varsity water polo, is a big fish in a familiar pond. A former Northwood student and water polo player, Kim-E is able to connect with his players and boost team morale in ways never done before. Beyond coaching water

How ugly is Ugly Pie?

If you can get past the peculiar name “Ugly Pie Co.,” you’ll see that the pizzas from this new addition to the Orchard Hills plaza are actually far from hideous.   Upon entering the restaurant, the only words that come to mind are “hipster” and

These are the drum majors you’re looking for

Directing musicians to march into the shape of the Death Star is not something that most people can say they did this summer. As the Northwood Marching Band gathered to prepare its “Star Wars” themed field show this summer, senior drum majors Marisol Chandler, Matthew

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Local events to look forward to this fall

The first pep rally of the year will be held in the gym this Friday. This year’s pep rally commissioners, seniors Peter Ko and Connor Berger, will welcome the student body back from summer break and get everyone pumped for the new school year. Northwood