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A case for your favorite font: Comic Sans MS

It’s the scourge of the design world: an abomination of aesthetics, a monstrosity of motif, a sacrilege of style. Or so they say. “It,” of course, refers to Comic Sans MS—the unapologetically ubiquitous typeface tastelessly plastered all over lost pet notices, your elementary school handouts,

5 simple steps to make strawberry shortcakes

The arrival of spring comes with the ripening of many beautiful fruits and blossoms. Here’s a recipe for some delicate strawberry shortcakes, the perfect elegant dessert to celebrate this flowery occasion. Makes: 4 strawberry shortcakes Ingredients: 3 cups quartered strawberries 11 tablespoons (or ½ cup

Club feature: Timberbooks

A “bibliophile” is defined as a person who collects or has a great love for books. “Epeolatry” describes the worship of words. “Agraphia” is another name for writer’s block. In Latin, a “vade mecum” is a favorite book carried everywhere. In the dictionary you can

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ASB election recap

This past month, Northwood’s ASB hosted elections through which students voted for next year’s ASB representatives. The election results were decided after tallying up schoolwide votes and hosting an Election Convention. Junior Katie Im won the post of ASB president, while junior Deepika Chandrashekar won