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A truly stand-up Guy

Though known for being a history and sociology teacher at Northwood, Greg Guy was commended for something different in college, which led to his own commemorative day recognized by the city of San Francisco on his graduation day: May 24, 2003. “It came about by

Case study: the Grammy man

Instrumental music teacher and conductor Ben Case has been named a semifinalist for the Music Educator Award—an award presented by the Recording Academy and Grammy Foundation to “current educators who have made a significant and lasting contribution to the field of music education.” Case is

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Students Speak : Best and Worst Halloween Candy

“I like gummy bears because there’s a variety of flavors. They’re so squishy, and you can decapitate them with your teeth. My least favorite is Starburst because it gets stuck in your teeth and you can’t decapitate it like gummy bears.” –– Michelle Jardine, junior.  

ASB hosts Love Shouldn’t Hurt Week

ASB held its annual Love Shouldn’t Hurt Week from Oct. 12-16, advocating for the protection of individuals against domestic violence. ASB collaborated with Human Options, an organization that works with the community to break the cycle of domestic violence, to plan the events during the

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Life After Breast Cancer… Twice

by Betsy Blackburn For me, breast cancer (x2) has awakened and reawakened the sheer pleasure of life and love. Of course, fighting cancer is a long battle with many, many doctor appointments, procedures, treatments and tears, but each moment is building an immense appreciation of