Not fake news: real test answer keys leaked

Mihir Kulkarni, News Editor

During your four years here at Northwood, you will undoubtedly encounter test questions that leave you thinking, “What did I just read?” When in this situation, there is no use in writing what your teachers call “your best guess.” Instead, think of something funny to make your teacher laugh and put them in a better mood because you may even get an extra credit point for your ingenuity. The Howler has gathered a collection of witty responses to test questions. Study these well as you may find yourself in dire need of some amusing answers during your next pop quiz.

Describe how Spanish culture affects your daily life.

Costco taquitos.

Name the shape shown below.


Marcus has 317 apples in his basket. What does he have?

A really big basket.

What is the purpose of adding sodium chloride to the diluted solution?

My grade’s fallen and it can’t get up.

Describe the effects of short-term memory loss.

I don’t remember.

What is created when sulfuric acid and carbonic acid are mixed?

More acid.

What ended in 1945?


Expand (a+b)^2

(  a  +  b  )  ^  2

Under which president was the highway created?

The old one.

How many vertices are in a tetrahedron?

If Ms. Wang was a doorbell, she’d be Ms. Ding Dong.

Draw a square root function with the locator point at (1,0)

If Ms. Wang was all the answers she wrote on this test, she would be Ms. Wrong.

Convert 200 centimeters to meters.

Take out the centi.