Foolproof life hacks that WILL change your life!!!

Anlon Zhu, Managing Editor

1. Need a quick bass boost from your AirPods? Put ‘em in sideways. Left AirPod in your right ear, right AirPod in your left ear, speakers pointing up.

Anna Lim

2. Have a bunch of homework? Tests? Having a bad day? Call 605-475-6964 for help. He’s super nice, always helps, and always has time.

3. It’s easier to rip a page in half if you grip the page at the middle, close your eyes and imagine a line, and drag one hand straight down. Forget the creasey pinchy method.

4. Does your school pizza not feel warm enough? Does it have the mouthfeel of a floppy disk? Try eating your pizza upside down. The pizza will feel warmer in your mouth with a delicate crispiness from the crust. Mmm.

Anna Lim

5. If you only have 0.7mm lead and need 0.5mm lead, rolling the 0.7mm lead on a piece of paper for 30 Mississippi seconds will make it fit.

6. Do you want to keep your Hydroflask from denting? For a 21oz, buy a 2.9 inch diameter cookie cutter and wrap it around the bottom. And I’m sure you can do the math for other sizes.

7. Do you have todo homework with music, but the lyrics are distracting and you can’t Handel classical music anymore? Try playing a piece of death metal before you start your homework next time. You’ll appreciate the silence more and notice an incredible increase in efficiency! Personal recommendation:“Rise Of The Fallen” by Soulfly.

Anna Lim

8. Studying while inside the shower has proven to increase the absorption of knowledge by almost 170 percent. A 1993 statistical study of brain cognition in varying air conditions found a correlation between activity in the cerebellum and hot, humid atmospheres. That also happens to be why so many successful business people come from equatorial areas.

9. Can’t seem to puncture the top of the sealed boba cup? Smoothly insert your boba straw into a fantastical liquid refreshment by delicately twirling your boba straw back and forth while applying even downward pressure. The friction will weaken the plastic and the straw will slide in like an oiled baby down a water slide.

Daniel Dai