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Game Guide: How to beat the Fall Anchor

Isabella Torrales
QUESTS OF THE ANCHOR: Humanities students will need some pro gamer strategies to beat this final boss.

Northwood Humanities’ “Quests of the Anchor” has consistently been one of the most controversial games of the year, consistently receiving mixed reviews during every regular release. Both versions released for freshman and sophomore players are notoriously difficult to complete for many, often leading newer players bewildered on where to begin. 

However, with plenty of hard work and perseverance (and a bit of extra grinding on the side), players who follow this guide will be able to follow the current metagame and hopefully get a high score on the quest.

  • Take advantage of sub-missions

By far one of the most helpful aspects throughout your playthrough: several sub-missions are unlocked very early in the game, including the Tutorial or Tutor Center missions which take place during the seventh or eighth period of the day and night cycle. Players should strive to focus on their tasks during these missions to reap the maximum number of rewards and get as much work done as possible.

  • Discuss with other players

One of the main aspects of playing a multiplayer game is the community, and “Quests of the Anchor” is no different. Players who are at a similar level can meet together on online forums or in-game to discuss their strategies, tips and the current metagame with one another. For example, players on freshman consoles can talk to each other about how to best plan for and beat the “Explaining Imperialism” mission in the Historical Commentary mode.

Alternatively, players can also talk to older, more experienced players for their advice on beating the quest, as they are more knowledgeable about specific tricks against bosses, making them an invaluable resource. 

However, all players need to remember to never directly share any items or upgrades among themselves, or else this will result in all accounts being permanently banned from “Quests of the Anchor” which may affect their ability to play other games developed by Northwood Humanities in the future.

  • Finish missions on time

At first glance, this may seem extremely simple, but finishing all main missions on time will help players plan on what skills they have to practice. For example, beating the Thesis Checker boss accurately and on time will allow players to have a solid outline to guide them on the rest of their playthrough, and completing the “Concrete Detail Find” main quest in a timely manner is key to build on the success they found in the Thesis Checker boss. It’s often crucial to hit these important checkpoints to make sure players are on their way to completing their missions. 

  • Consider tutoring DLC

Downloadable content is useful to help players gain feedback on their abilities. Some, like the Paper Tutor DLC which uses moderators to provide personal tips about gameplay, are free and directly supported by the Northwood Humanities team. A plethora of free and paid DLC exist to help players improve their skills, but the question on which one to choose is up to the player themself. Alternatively, players can choose not to use any DLC, which is also completely fine!

Similarly to the ban on sharing items with others, players should not use the moderators to directly edit the game’s code to give you upgrades, as this can also get them banned from the game. DLC should be used as a tool to improve your skills; it should not be used to directly gain access to important items for the quest!

  • Take note of post-game content on Sophomore systems

If you played on a Sophomore system and didn’t get the ending you want on the Anchor, that’s okay! The “Anchor Revisions” questline will be available after completing the main story mode, which players should take extra care in completing with focus and specificity if they want to improve their scores. “Anchor Revisions” will allow players to go back to previous moments in their gameplay, alter their actions and hopefully improve their performance. This will hopefully help players who want to gain some extra points and see a different ending. 

However, all players, especially those playing on Freshman systems as this option is unavailable to them, should strive to do well on the quest the first time they challenge the final boss, so that they don’t have to resort to the revisions. They are a backup tool to help players get points back, so they should not be used as a player’s main strategy to see the ending they want.

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