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Beige flags, but make it Northwood edition

Sophia Ho
I SEE NO COLOR: Is it a beige flag, or are you just colorblind?

Most Northwood students are familiar with green flags and red flags: a golden retriever personality is peak green flag material, while choosing to take six AP classes but then complaining about them for the rest of the year is  red. 

But today is a day to celebrate colorblind people and dogs, because we are here to shed light on Northwood’s common beige flags: neither green nor red, just abnormal and slightly strange.

1. Screaming, crying and throwing up at the sight of a green figeater beetle

These measly creatures can be found floating overhead, waiting to purposely get tangled into someone’s freshly styled hair. 

They may also be seen awkwardly bumping into students as they attempt to enjoy their lunch at the quad without the disturbance of a nosy insect (level: impossible). 

Whether you stand and fight or run away, your actions are indeed one of Northwood’s inevitable beige flags. 

2. Having a phone model so old the teachers mark you absent

When the teacher checks the phone pockets for attendance and asks “Where is your phone?” and you have to embarrassingly respond with “Oh, it’s in there, you just can’t see it.” In all honesty, maybe this is simply a sign to upgrade to a new phone.

3. Doordash. 

Already finished your lunch but are overwhelmed by the craving for Chick-fil-A? Doordash. Need an energy-boosting snack to keep you awake during Euro. Lit.? Doordash. Good luck managing your budget in Econ, you heathen.

4. Making your teachers feel prehistoric by just existing

It’s actually written into the California oath for teachers that they have to make at least one outdated joke per class. 

They’ll hit you with the, “You guys make me feel so old!” and you’re left to awkwardly respond with a slight head nod and confused chuckle.

5. Staff members pulling up in their golf carts everywhere

Because why are the administrators doing drifts in the loading zone? The last sighting of a staff member walking somewhere was when they had to manually remove the soap dispensers from every boys’ bathroom on campus. Man, what a time. 

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Sienna Hidalgo, Staff Writer
Sienna is a staff writer for The Northwood Howler and also a hedgehog enthusiast. In her limited free time, she loves to waste away the hours with a hook in one hand and yarn in the other, crocheting as if her life depended on it. When she’s not aggressively crocheting, she’s either reading, napping, or jumping over hurdles for fun.
Sophia Ho, Graphic Artist
Sophia Ho is a Senior graphic artist with a tendency to slay. As soon as she goes home, she draws silly guys and watches 3-hour video essays on Youtube. You can mention her name at First Class Pizza for 50% off your meal!

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