How to take advantage of the unexpected SoCal rainstorms

Elena Higuchi, Staff Writer

Rain? Storms? Graupel? In Southern California, the local idiom to convey that something will never happen is “when it storms in SoCal.” By that definition, the past few rainy months have signaled the end of Irvine as we know it: pouring rain and hypothermia-inducing temperatures (50 degrees Fahrenheit) in spring!

As native Southern Californians, most Northwood students weren’t prepared for storms and graupel (the snow-like hail that sprinkled upon Northwood last month). But don’t fret, your worries of post-apocalyptic climates and soggy clothes end now. Here are some fun, exciting ideas that can inspire your next rain-time activities.

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Sophia Ho

1. Show off your SoCal rain gear!

Most Southern Californians needed to get creative with their rain gear. You could hold a fashion show showing your trash bag ponchos, your dad’s old hiking boots and umbrellas made of baking sheets. Here in SoCal, anything flies as long as it’s waterproof!

2. Stand in the rain and contemplate your existence

Ever stand in the shower and have deep thoughts about your day? Well, now you can move your hour-long end-of-day reflection session outdoors! Just wait until it’s dark, and maybe find a remote location so no one can see you reenacting scenarios from your day with the things that you should have said.

3. Make REAL snow

Collect the rainwater in a tub and make room in your freezer—if we’re not getting any real snow, you’re going to take matters into your own hands. Wait for the water to become a giant, solid block of ice, find yourself a giant cheese grater and coerce your friends into helping you set up your homemade snow maker over the Oak. If you toss the shavings from the upper levels of the Northwood classrooms, it’ll be no different from real snow—if you just close your eyes, move at least 10 yards back and squint. Really hard.

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Sophia Ho

4. Selling rain-water lemonade at the Oak

Northwood’s AP Environmental Science classes tested the pH levels of rain from the past few weeks and findings showed that our students were being hit by water with the acidity level equivalent to battery acid! But, with a little bit of lemon and sugar, no one will be able to taste the acidity of the water over the tartness of a fresh-squeezed lemon.

5. Collect the water and donate to the special dry-texter in your life

Let’s get real for a second. Aren’t you tried of one-word responses and boring “lol”s from your friends? Offer them some natural sky water to juicen those text conversations. Just take their phone and drop it into a bucket of rainwater. Your special dry-texter will finally feel an emotion strong enough to break them out of their sociopathic daze, meaning that you will finally recieve a response that isn’t a “k” or an emoji reaction. We do not claim responsibility for any lawsuits or physical altercations that may result in the process.

6. Save the rainwater…while we still can

Us Gen Z came into the world with no expectations of our future and adapted to automatically prepare for the worst. And what’s worse than an apocalypse? At the rate that our planet is hurtling towards a climatic cataclysm, best believe that this is the last of the rain we see in our lifetimes. Gather every object in your house with a concave surface and leave them outside for the sky to cry into.

Side Hustle: Build a pond behind the school to start an aquatic pet shop

Dig a hole behind the school and let the rain fill it up with water! You can build a frog habitat exhibit for people to see (for a price) and sell aquatic pets. With this low investment, high profit side hustle, you’ll be pouring big bucks into your college savings account.