Horos-Coping with BTS season

Annabel Tiong, Junk Editor

Aquarius: Keep doing what you’re doing. Northwood needs more people like you- keep coming up with those crazy ideas and pitch them to your teacher, the admin or The Howler. I know how creative you can be when you’re inspired, so surround yourself with things that provoke thought and challenge you to improve our school. For example, I spend a lot of time with Timby for my inspo. Just an example.

Pisces: I’m going to take a wild guess, one that totally wasn’t read off astrology-zodiac-signs.com, but you’ve been conflicted lately, struggling to decide which classes to take or which people to hang out with. Because you are so intuitive, you have a hard time seeing the bigger picture. Take some time to cool off, and share your struggles with others. Also, remember to take a good yearbook photo because it helps with your mindset.

Aries: In the past, you knew exactly what you wanted and weren’t afraid to go get it, whether that be joining every club you were remotely interested in or enthusiastically loading up on APs. While doing so, you tend to miss less noticeable opportunities right in front of you. Don’t be afraid to partake in tasks that may seem trivial like picking up someone else’s trash. Keep the campus bright and your future brighter.

Taurus: You’ve kept it comfortable at school during the past few years, hanging out with the same people, attending the same tutorials and going to the same places during break. Get. out. there! Go to a football game, dress up on spirit days (ESPECIALLY pajama day), and take someone else’s table at lunch if you get there first. First come, first serve. You’re gonna serve.

Gemini: Before, you had issues with being indecisive, feeling overwhelmed by the freedom high school grants. But don’t be swayed by all your friends asking you to join this or join that. Instead, decide your interests early on this year and don’t hesitate to seek them out. In fact, try coffee as a natural frog repellent if anyone asks you to join Key Club again.

Cancer: Stop caring. Seriously. If you take every little thing to heart, whether it be failing a math test, having an awkward interaction with an old friend, or showing up in an ugly outfit, it’s all part of high school. When you learn to invest less of your feelings into endeavors, you’ll be so much more free. You might even get the courage to volunteer to go first for a presentation and earn that extra credit.

Leo: Do you ever get… tired? Of course, everyone appreciates you helping them get through history lectures without knocking out by cracking jokes (respectfully) and playing NitroType, but it takes a toll on you. Rather than trying to keep the attention all on you, bring others into the spotlight and make them feel special. You’ll end up with a bunch of new friends, and most importantly, plenty of study guides shared with you.

Virgo: Take a good look at any of your old notes. Worth selling on Chegg, right? You tend to be extremely detailed, touting that “I’ll do it myself” attitude. But burnout is real, and while your diligence is admirable, there is some truth to “Work smarter, not harder.” Don’t lie—you’ve probably wanted to try being the kid that studied the night before and somehow aced the exam. I’m not promoting anything, but hey, life’s all about trying new things.

Libra: Everything is unfair. And school in particular is a breeding ground for unfairness. People can study less but get better grades. People can cut to the front of the lunch line while you sweat furiously sprinting all the way from the 1400s just to get a spot 40 kids away. Try not to focus on these everyday injustices. Instead, help whenever possible, and you can start by not leaking the quiz questions to the next period.

Scorpio: You probably felt a bit out of place at least once last year, whether it be an event you regret attending or in a classroom that gave you mild imposter syndrome. Note that you don’t need to seek people’s understanding, as long as you understand yourself. Just focus less on what others think and more on solidifying your socioeconomic and political identity, and the rest will come naturally.

Sagittarius: Don’t chase, attract. You’ve been working hard over the past few years to get the things you want, dutifully asking organizations, classmates and teachers for every opportunity and extra help. But this year, let things come to you. My recommendation: Remember all the assigned readings and what’s due next class. People will start packing towards you like wolves.

Capricorn: This year, all your patience will pay off. You’ve been chipping away at your goals one step at a time, embodying that “slow and steady” mentality. I’m sure it’s unsettling to feel like you’re falling behind, but keep going because you’ll get there. School is never a race—don’t rush to finish your work (unless you’re trying to play games) or to get to the lunch line before the bell rings Just look at how far our football team has come.