Timby’s tips on maintaining a fursuit

Rhea Gupta, Staff Writer

Hey! I hear you’re stepping into my world—or rather stepping into a suit of fur like mine. It’s okay… some might judge you for your costume choice, but your noble decision will be noticed by the superior few.
At the end of the day, you’re burning more Halloween calories off with the gallons of sweat under that faux head.
However, maintaining the quality is key. I have so generously compiled a list of my secret methods for taking care of my fur, so follow these effortless tips to stay looking fresh.

1. Every two hours, I polish the suit with window cleaner solution mixed with my secret ingredient: Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser. The solution must contain a rare ingredient found only at the top of the Himalayas, so I would recommend ordering your product at least 16 months in advance.

2. After cleaning the suit, styling the fur is what will really attract the most compliments. The Dyson Airwrap is the most affordable option for this process Another necessary product is an unwashed hair brush used by at least 100 different people. Use the Airwrap and used hairbrush to make sure those curls stay in all night!
3. I end the night with an extensive skincare routine. I start off with double cleansing: first, an oil based cleansing balm to really get that Halloween grime off the precious suit, then, follow that up with three different serums (glycolic to exfoliate, niacinamide to maintain that youthful glow and clorox bleach-free wipes to seal in the treatment). I finish off with a mud mask with the preserved mud from the Northwood practice field.
Follow these simple tips and your costume will be the talk of the night! (Gosh, this routine has made me all itchy with what I think is excitement, to the point that I’m aging and getting all these white chunks in my fur.)

Yours truly,
Timby 🐾