How likely are you to survive in an NHS class

Rhea Gupta, Staff Writer

Answers to the quiz are at the bottom of the page

               1) It’s the first day of school and you walk into Period 1. What does your ideal class look like?

a) There is no better way to start off a prosperous academic year than with English: The class that makes the birds sing, the sun shine brighter and adds a hop to my step.

b) I plan on finding a cure for cancer so please direct me to AP Biology.

c) Walking onto the field with my instrument in hand and my peers ready to march with their instruments on a fine, misty early morning is the right way to start any day.

d) Walking into a classroom with motivational figures decorating the walls.


               2) Your peers are presenting their group project to the rest of the class and you are next. What do you do?

a) Analyze their diction choice, fluctuation in tone, and use of rhetorical devices so I can turn in a written report for extra credit at the end of class.

b) Calculate the probability of our group getting an A based on the temperature of the room, everyone’s choice of clothing and my distance from the door.

c) Secretly put one AirPod in my ear because Mozart is the only person who can relieve my nerves during these unprecedented times.

d) Memorize every word that has come out of the presenter’s mouth to learn from their mistakes and avoid repeating them.


               3) After school, what is your favorite activity?

a) First I come home and then rummage through my humble abode for the workings of a delicate meal. Next, I like to ponder my surroundings on the comfort of silk sheets until I drift off into a food coma.

b) Caffeine is the answer to all my problems.

c) On my journey back home, my ears are blessed by the soft melodious sounds echoing through my car’s speakers. As I prepare my study snack, a delicious sandwich, the music guides my hand motions as I cut my tomatoes into perfectly even slices. 

d) After school Agenda: Start APUSH lectures at 4 p.m., break at 5:30 p.m., finish WHAP reading at 6:30 p.m., dinner at 7 p.m., complete next week’s English outline at 7:30 p.m., study next unit’s history lectures at 9 p.m., sleep at 10:30 p.m.



If you answered mostly A: You have a 92% chance of succeeding in Humanities, as AP Lit was made for you. You should go on the American Literature Warrior with how you’ll clear that obstacle course. SOAPStone is now a daily ritual with every word you hear, via song or your lovely acquaintances, is automatically analyzed in your head with an integrated CD to go along with it. 

If you answered mostly B: You have a 98% chance of excelling in all the AP STEM courses. When you sleep, you probably calculate the speed at which your room fan is currently spinning and the speed it should spin in order for your room to reach its ideal temperature. When you read, you don’t see letters, but rather numbers. HEL may not be your calling and Macbeth may drive you insane but that’s ok! At least you got derivatives on your side.

If you answered mostly C: You have a 74% chance of excelling in the fine arts because AP Music Theory is music to your ears. Throughout your high school career, you have probably joined all the arts programs at Northwood (dance, visual arts, drama, ceramics, music, choir, etc) and also play two other instruments outside of school. You most likely have every Taylor Swift song completely memorized (plus the release date and time of every album) and have Oct. 21 marked on your calendar (if you know, you know).

If you answered mostly D: You have an 87% chance of success in Humanities because WHAP and APUSH feed your soul. Sure, English is enjoyable (at most) and you can get through math (with multiple yawns throughout the class period) but history? History is your happiness. Your expansive knowledge of the past has most likely made you into an individual who is adamant about change (social justice warrior fr) and can probably name all the recent Executive Orders.