Timby Origin Story


Ashley Lee, A&E Editor

Dear Reader,

As you leave the memorable experiences of being a “sevi” and “octi” behind, say hello to the world’s most unique science department and lunchtime with your online communication tools. After seeing all the posters of Timby, you probably have many questions, so I shall take you through the tale of how Timby came to be at North Howling High School. 


In a land far far away…just kidding; too cliche. Once upon a time, there lived a principal named Lessaly Rouch. After days of pondering upon how to make students improve their RBPs (resting beauty poses), she decided that it was time for a long-deserved break. 


Then, she felt something bumping into her leg and moved away, thinking it was a bulldog. To her surprise, it had fangs. Rouch started by asking the cub its name, but the wolf questioned himself. Timber? No, Timber sounds weird. “A name is who you are. Your identity,” she responded. 


Rouch beamed. “How about Timby?” 


Using Timby’s identity crisis, Rouch worked with the Humanities Department to select novels that assists students into investigating the purpose of their life, an epiphany many feel pressured to come to. In the process, teachers created an assignment that would be an “anchor,” guiding students like a beacon of light underwater (yes, it’s still a “thing”). 


The next week was the Kickoff Football Game, so Rouch brought Timby where he heard: D-E-F E-N-D. DEFEND. THE DEN.


Timby’s ears perked up at the mention of his home, the den, as he felt an intense connection with the school. 


Fast forward two years, after gathering the knowledge he had gleaned from his two years humanities course (you’ll see) and combining it with the excitement at the game, Timby realized that there was a theme to define his life: One’s identity can never be complete without serving as a mascot to develop camaraderie. 


One day, during Homecoming Prep, Timby ran into a bucket of navy paint. When the paint streaked his silver and white fur, he came across a group of singers who suddenly shrieked “white, silver, navy blue” (listen for it in the Alma Mater). 


I apologize for the abrupt ending, but I trust your abilities with literary analysis to discover the significance of colors and how they are essential to identities. Timby hopes to see all of you, his adoring fans, during the next football season. Until next time!