22nd century APUSH DBQ analysis


Chloe Song

CLAIM, EVIDENCE, MEMIFICATION: The 2115 APUSH exam will require students to analyze memes, tweets, and random photos from obscure Instagram pages.

Karen Wang, News Editor

With AP exams on our heels, prepare for your AP history subject exams by reviewing a star student’s AP United States History exam from the year 2115 with modern primary sources.

President Donald Trump’s tweet mentioning “covfefe” at 12:06 a.m. on May 31, 2017 emphasizes the importance of sleep schedule. This reveals the power of civilian reform as Congress to mandated a bedtime for the president of 9 p.m on weekdays and 10 p.m. on weekends.

Kim Kardashian Beef List:
The purpose of this list was to highlight notable mentions of “Peppa Pig,” “George W. Bush,” and “TMZ’”, which emphasize the tumultuous relationship between pop culture, politics and media during the 21st century. The canceling of Peppa Pig for becoming the spearhead of a veganism movement further proves the importance of amplifying talking animals in the media.
Trump flushing documents in toilet:
The novel “Confidence Porta Potty” details Trump’s tendency to flush classified documents down the toilet, and how the White House spent over 35% of its operating budget on luxurious Japanese toilets. However, arguing that he was the victim of a political witch hunt, Mr. Trump would soon ban all toilets in the U.S. through Congress’s ‘Toilet Powers Act’, rendering a president’s comments regarding toilets null.
Man uses onion scrap with rubber band as mask:
The civilian using an onion scrap as a mask emulates Charles Darwin’s philosophy of natural selection along with the prevalent issue of food waste in the 21st century. His adaptive nature shows that teaching survival of the fittest is essential in all edu, and proves the necessity of waste-sorting trash baskets so other civilians can follow follow this individual’s example.