What do your springtime allergies say about you?

Noelle Escalante, A&E Editor

As Clarinex and Allegra medication fly off the shelves, it’s safe to say that the spring season is just around the corner. Your most prevalent symptoms can reveal some interesting characteristics about yourself.

Runny nose
Your personal style and fashion choices are lacking, so the only drip comes from your nose. If you let it dry up, it’ll help preserve it for a lot longer. Even with the cold winter weather, your drip can also constitute as ice.


Watery Eyes
You never fully processed that you weren’t able to get a formal date, so it’s a mixture of pollen entering into your open orifices and your suppressed emotions.


Ear Pain
It’s difficult to tell whether the pain is from the blooming flowers around you, or from when you accidentally walked into 501 while Jazz 3 was practicing. Regardless, you’ve likely sat next to the music speakers during lunch, showing that you think hearing is overrated and like letting your quirkiness shine through.


You’ve always wanted to be an opera singer but found nowhere to express your talent except through in-tone sneezes during class. However, some may be out of pitch, so bringing a tuning fork with you will be helpful.


Dark circles under eyes

Dark circles may appear frequently in spring, but at Northwood, you’ll blend with the majority of the student population. They’ve become a fashion trend, so feel free to skip the concealer and show off your true colors.

Rachel Gunawan


Itchy Eyes and Nose
The redness around your eyes will blend in with the rest of juniors roaming around campus, as they’ll be bawling the night after receiving the grades of their Gilded Age take-home DBQs (please send help).