Twitch streamer celebrates 10th anniversary of livestream

Arya Bhattacharjee, Staff Writer

With an ongoing quarantine forcing most to stay at home, Twitch streams have taken the world by storm with their unlimited entertainment value. The nature of humans to enjoy watching others suffer more than themselves led to people flocking towards Ighm “Stuchër” Forhver’s stream. The rules were simple: A single subscription would increase the duration of his stream by 20 seconds, and as long as the subs kept coming, the stream would keep going. But little would he know that in just a few short moments, the next 10 years of his life would be forced to be spent in front of the camera.

It was quite an unassuming afternoon when Stuchër would decide to boot up his livestream and announce a subathon. Before he could even explain the (fairly simple) rules, people started subscribing by the hundreds, quickly racking up hours, then days on the clock. At first, it all just seemed like fun and games.
“Streaming is my career after all,” Stuchër said in the first few days of the subathon. “I’m sure that I can easily take a month of streaming, if not even more!”

But slowly, the excitement drained from his face as the timer kept rising. The days turned to weeks and the weeks turned to months, all within the first couple of hours of the stream—and the dread began to set in as Stuchër realized that his stream may take over his life. Worries about how he would stream his marriage, his job and his rather odd hobbies started to grow on his mind.

The first month of the stream went as planned. While his expectations may have been completely blown out of proportion, he planned slightly ahead, and set up his house so that the stream could capture his daily routines, activities and all the way back to sleeping. However, as the stream grew, so did Stuchër’s bank account, and the scale of his activities. Up until this date we have been able to see him go surfing, skydiving, scuba diving and dragon hunting (don’t ask how).

“I feel like at first, we just enjoyed watching him squirm under the idea of streaming for years on end; and honestly, I don’t think anyone expected him to actually do it,” viewer Subbs Kriber said. “But after a while, it was something of a duty of us viewers to make sure that Stuchër could never leave the endless abyss that he had opened up for himself.”

The chat began to set some pretty strict rules for poor Stuchër. Other than bathroom breaks, Stuchër was not allowed away from the camera whatsoever. If he couldn’t be seen for over 15 minutes, his followers would threaten to unsubscribe or even call SWAT on him (literally, it’s happened twice already in the past month). Viewers also started to place bets on when he would stop streaming, although the bets were so one-sided towards him giving up that they just canceled it. 

Now, nearly 10 years later, the timer finally hit the fabled zero. This event was considered by netizens to be bigger than the presidential inauguration, or the queen of England’s birthday party. Unfortunately, while many wanted to see Stuchër struggle for a bit longer, it seems as if Twitch has reached a computational limit when it comes to storing the enormous amount of subscribers, and as such, is no longer allowing any new subs to the channel.