Fans Rejoice while Former Greek Gods Debut as K-pop Idols

Chris Song, Staff Writer

K-pop fans all around the world celebrated the official debut of the new boy band “The Gods” with the release of their debut single, “I Own Your Soul and Your Wallet.”

On Tuesday, the newest group under ESEM Entertainment released their powerful dance song manufactured by tweaking the lyrics of the popular song “I Can Do Whatever I Want and Get Away with It” by ESEM’s older boy group, “The Demigods.”

“I think our team name and lyrics perfectly describe who we are: Gods who own the body and money of each and every fan,” team leader and lead dancer Je-oo-su said. “There’s a reason why our fans classify themselves as human sacrifices for the ritual that we perform every time we go on stage. ”

The waitlist to be part of one of “The Gods” performances as the human sacrifice expanded to over 200,000 people in the course of 5 days, shattering multiple records for boy groups.

“I think the waiting list proves that this is a new generation of boy bands,” ESEM’s spokesperson Lee Lee-Lee said. “We are providing our fans with a revolutionary experience that no one expected before.”

The debut comes two months after the South Korean government released legal details about the death of an unknown sound engineer. It is speculated that ESEM’s CEO was not a fan of the idea that the sound engineer had copyright claims over the company’s secret formula song.

“I don’t think ESEM should be punished for this at all,” a religious devotee to the ESEM corporation said. “The engineer was working for ESEM and there’s no guarantee that you make it out alive if you don’t meet the CEO’s demands.”

While many have projected that the incident would negatively affect the group’s reputation, the group and the company have maintained that they will continue their activity. The company has brushed off accusations of murder and pledged to their fans that their groups will continue performing at concerts.

“We know our fans will support us through anything,” ESEM’s CEO Suh Leeman said. “We will continue to proceed this way to ensure our fans receive the best possible even through the false accusations that the public levies at us.”