A new OVO: October’s Very-Best Outfits

Arya Bhattacharjee, Staff Writer

With the pandemic making fun illegal across the globe, Halloween is one upcoming event that people want back. However, as going outside becomes more and more difficult, your next Halloween costume will have to step up to the challenge. Luckily, there are ways to be able to show off your creative (or not so creative) genius through these four amazing COVID-proof costumes that’ll attract attention but keep out the virus!


The world is in the middle of a crisis, and we need warriors to fight against it! Become a Transformer this halloween, and you’ll not only be immune to the COVID-19, but also gain the ability to fight extraterrestrial beings while you’re at it. Sure, bending your limbs so that you can turn into a car might be a little bit difficult, and the technology required to do such a thing may be a little expensive, but it should be worth it in the long run, right?

Among Us Impostor.

With the world in lockdown, everyone is a potential threat, including yourself. Play the role of the Among Us imposter and you’ll have the ability to turn off the ship’s oxygen whenever someone gets too close to your liking. And if it comes to it, you can just get rid of that one pesky crewmate of yours who just doesn’t understand the consequences of the pandemic.

A doctor.

Were you too busy struggling with the multiple exams that dropped on you during the week of Halloween? If so, grab a lab coat from your nearest science classroom and pretend like you planned to be a doctor all along. Working on the front lines, doctors are definitely considered heroes during the pandemic. Out of sheer respect, people will avoid you in order to keep you alive and well. You might even get some free candy as a token of appreciation for your work.


Ah, the skeleton! You can’t have Halloween without one of the most classic characters found during this time, and it’s the perfect costume. It’s very spooky, and also perfectly Covid-proof, because the virus doesn’t affect bones. The only question is how you would get rid of all of your flesh…