Varun and Erin Answer Questions No One Asked

Erin Kim and Varun Vishnubhotla

As students, we know. Yahoo Answers is either our best friend, worst enemy or simply a place to read some of the weirdest questions. Some leave you scratching your head, others leave tears streaming down your face from laughter. In honor of Yahoo’s belated half birthday, the Howler thought it would be appropriate to answer these questions:

Q: My vegetarian friend always eats pepperoni pizza, since he says that all the cooking and spices makes the pepperoni lose its meatiness. Is this correct?
A: Your friend is correct. I mean cheese loses its cheesiness when it melts and crust loses its crustiness when it’s in the oven, right?

Q: If “tomb” is pronounced “toom” and “womb” is pronounced “woom,” then why isn’t “bomb” pronounced “boom” ?
A: The FBI and Harvard would like to know your location.

Q: Where can I find a list of the countries with the most ocean acidification?
A: Go to the nearest public area, stand on the bench and yell: “Does anyone know how to use Google?”

Q: Is Christian Bale a Christian because his name is Christian?
A: Is Mitt Romney a baseball glove because his first name is Mitt?

Q: Why can’t people figure out the difference between you’re and your?
A: Your absolutely write. Who would do such a thing?

Q: How can vaccines be healthy if you can die from eating them?
A: How can spinach be healthy if you can die from injecting it?

Q: If I were to eat myself, would I double in size or disappear?
A: I thought AP Biology would teach actual biology. Obviously, you would double in size, how else do you think Dwayne Johnson is The Rock?