October Monster Mash of Possibilities

Diego Moreno, Staff Writer

This October is shaping up to be one for all the ghost and ghoulies out there. To celebrate, the Howler has compiled a list of activities, so every monster can trick and treat themselves to an enjoyable Halloween.

Howling Good Time: For all the werewolves out there, this October has not one but two full moons to enjoy. Grab the pack and go out on Halloween for a run to finally catch that squirrel that’s been giving you trouble. Younger werewolves can dress up as their favorite human and go get nerds, sour patch kids and lemon heads to eat.

Ghastly Antics: Have you missed pranking humans this year, why not make a house call? Call up the ghoul friends on your ouija board, find the nearest non-haunted house and start tricking them (try making their refrigerator start running so have to go catch it).

A Bite to Remember: Are you vampires postponing date night because humans are being a pain in the neck? Well, with quarantine, you can get a bite to eat without hassle due to limited seating in restaurants. Mesmerize your fellow restaurant staff with style and a single gaze to get the best service possible.

Day of the Undead: October may be less lively for zombies but that shouldn’t stop you from having fun. Get some speakers, your favorite tunes and some glow sticks to start a (g)rave and party till you drop dead. If partying isn’t your style, then get a leg up on those humans and work on your dead sprints to catch them with ease.

Bona-Fide Good Times: There’s a (skele)ton of options for the nobodies this year. While the other monsters hustle about, just relax and practice a hobby playing music or finish those art projects like that skullpture in the garage.