MasterChef applicant pool rises by 200%

Jonathan Kang and Tyler Wong

MasterChef is experiencing a 200% rise in applicants after chefs across the country have found nothing better to do than bake banana bread due to quarantine.

As the ability to procure take- out has become increasingly limited, culinary skills have become crucial to the average American. Some have taken advantage of the opportunity and refined their cooking skills to self-proclaimed professional levels.

“This time in quarantine has been a blessing because I’ve been able to experiment with different recipes and plating methods, improving my cooking dramatically,” influencer Eye Cannes Cooke said. “Like, did you know that you can put noodles in hot water and they become soft? Or that you don’t even need a micro- wave to heat things up? I know, save your words of praise; I’m sure the MasterChef judges will be speech- less.”

Cooke is not alone in this new trend of preparing new dishes through experimentation. Some have tried to put their own spin on staple dishes with mixed results, such as the mouth-watering peanut butter and avocado sandwiches. Countless other chefs are stepping up their fame by viewing playlists of Gordon Ramsay cooking in his home for hours on end. At the same time, many chefs are also criticizing Ramsay.

“Although he is a respected chef, I’ve realized that Ramsay’s meals are way too unnecessarily sophisticated and expensive,” self-proclaimed chef Rim Sey said. “The judges at the Masterchef competition will be blown away with my original recipe that I curated during quarantine–dal- gona whipped coffee.”

Sey is hoping to win Masterchef and become a judge himself. He claims that as a judge, he will relentlessly critique and insult other chefs as muchas physically possible and award himself the title of MasterChef every season.

“I really don’t even need to be on Masterchef because everyone who follows me on Instagram a ready knows I am the best cook in the world,” Sey said. “I can’t wait to be condescending to other chefs to assert my superiority.”