Bucket list to do b4 ur 2 cool


Anna Lim, Junk Editor

There’s no bigger milestone than growing from an immature preteen to an even less mature teen. And with high school just around the corner, there’s only a few weeks left to savor to savor your precious middle school shenanigans. So, The Howler has devised some inspirational goals you can add and cross off your bucket list before high school makes you too cool to do any of them.

1. Fall madly in love with the first person that texts you “hai watchu up to.”

2. Create a scrapbook of your favorite memories. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what better way to relive the nostalgia of your pent-up angsty emo phase?

3. Really solidify your Tik Tok career. You’re going to need SOME kind of Plan B.

4. Spice up your fashion with scrunchies. The more the better! Always experiment with new ways to wear them, on your wrist, your waist, on your thighs, even around your ears! (Your friends will be so jealous.)

5. Recreate your middle school campus in Minecraft. If you’re a real pro, do the same thing but on three times scale on Pocket Edition. And then after nine hours of playing and googling redstone engineering tutorials, realize that you need to get off of Minecraft.

6. Take personality quizzes and over-identify with them. Make sure to rig your answers to get the one you want (hint: the one you want will probably have the same letter answers). I recommend Buzzfeed’s “Which pair of Timothee Chalamet’s trousers are you?” or “What species of gopher are you?”

Heather Kim

7. Get into K-pop. Once you’re in highschool, you can kiss your favorite fandom goodbye (or the oversized poster of a pop star you have on your bedroom wall).

8. Sleep at 10 pm. Do it while you are still physically and mentally capable. Trust me, it won’t be the homework that’s keeping you up late as you scroll through Tik Tok’s “For You” page.

9. Take as many mirror selfies as you want with your hand just barely covering half your face. Try every angle to get that perfect lighting.

10. Adopt a pet whale. Most high schoolers generally do not have a pet whale.