Club VP’s strike strikes striking strides


Anna Lim

VICE PRESIDENTS ANONYMOUS: Northwood’s club vice presidents manage to march through campus completely unnoticed.

Jonathan Kang, Editor-in-Chief

Vice presidents of clubs all across Northwood began a strike on March 1 to combat the vast overworking and insufficient credit that comes with the position. 

Treasurers, secretaries and presidents of clubs all seem to fulfill a clearly defined role given by their names, but no one really knows what vice presidents do. It was only a matter of time before rebellion started. And although it is a noble stride for equality, the rebellion has seen mixed results, particularly in those it seeks to change. 

They began marching around the Oak during lunch, holding up signs in protest of the inequality.

“It’s simply ridiculous the inequality we face, particularly in light of the fact that we get near to no appreciation for our work,” anonymous vice president #4 of acclaimed Stapler Club said. “No one appreciates what we do. We don’t even know what we do. That’s why us vice presidents are refusing to work for clubs to seek appropriate compensation for our work.” 

In time, vice presidents are hoping that they will come to gain as many basic rights as any other position. Reforms are currently in motion to combat this injustice to change the name of Vice President to Assistant to the Regional Club President. 

“Wait, they were on strike?” Stapler Club president Yu Sful said.