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Clash of the Classes

Clash of the Classes began at the Spring Pep Rally and was followed by a series of competitions from April 21-23, including class-specific dress-ups, dodgeball, Jeopardy and a talent show hosted by Northwood’s ASB.

The sophomore class won Northwood’s inaugural Clash of the Classes.

“Clash of the Classes has been my dream since freshman year, so the planning has been four years in the making,” said senior Jessica Borrmann, who planned the event. “Clash of the Classes was meant to reach out to everyone on campus.”

The Clash of the Classes started strong with a straightforward dress-up theme of class colors: freshmen wore green, sophomores wore red, juniors wore blue and seniors wore black. During lunch, students cheered on their class dodgeball teams in a friendly game. The seniors emerged triumphant.

The hype continued to the next day, when the classes dressed up as salad dressings, such as Italian, Caesar, Ranch and Thousand Island. This time, the classes clashed in a game of wit—Jeopardy—where the sophomores dominated.

“It was amazing to see how supportive everyone was of their peers, and it was awesome letting certain students really shine,” Borrmann said.

Everything culminated on the final day with a riveting talent show. Classes embraced the spirit of Throwback Thursdays and donned outfits inspired by the ‘20s, ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s. Students filed in through their respective class doors to witness the prowess of their talented fellow classmates. Once again, sophomores scored another victory.

“Clash of the Classes really boosted the spirit in our school,” said sophomore Kevin Zhou. “It is definitely one of the best events that Northwood has had all year and it will certainly become a lasting tradition.”