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Why online?

The Howler has been a well-reputed publication at Northwood High School since its inception over a decade ago. Now, well into an age where online media has become the norm, The Howler has decided to adapt to meet these changing needs. While the traditional paper continues to publish periodic news coverage and features, The Howler Online strives to bring to the student body the most recent and frequently updated news and information on Northwood activities. With unlimited space comes unlimited capabilities, giving the site great potential to become a full-fledged multimedia community with textual as well as photographic and even videographic news coverage.

And by no means is THO limited to news. Entertainment reviews, opinion pieces, fashion advice – the possibilities are endless for Northwood students to let their voices be heard. The Howler is published as an open forum for the exchange of news and ideas, and every member of the Northwood community is encouraged to participate. Please do not hesitate to add your voice to ours.

The Howler encourages reader tips, reader submissions, letters to the editor and other comments. Please direct these to

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