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Monthly Archives: February 2019

‘Young Frankenstein’ comes to life on stage

Northwood Theatre Arts presented audiences with the comedic tale of “Young Frankenstein” from Feb. 13-16, telling the story of a misunderstood and outcast professor who returns to his roots. Based on the 1974 comedy film of the same name, the play follows Dr. Frederick Frankenstein

NO(rthwood): Students are underrepresented at elite schools

It’s a phrase ubiquitous at Northwood, from class scheduling to club membership: “It looks good on college applications.” While students here are great at polishing the GPA and extracurricular sections of the application, we never question what is perhaps the most important part of our

Northwood’s Instagram-famous artists and musicians

Instagram isn’t just a platform for posting your favorite Winter Formal photos or your trendy Cauldron ice cream shots—many people make art accounts to display their artwork and talents. Some may focus on one type of art form, while others may branch out into many

The soap we need, but not the one we deserve right now

It’s no secret to the student body that, in the past few weeks, Northwood’s restrooms have been out of handsoap. Last Friday, however, it was restocked around campus, posing the question: why was it ever gone in the first place? Students around campus begin to

Northwood’s student coaches

Northwood is home to not only some of the most esteemed athletes in the city, but also some of the most dedicated student coaches and certified referees across Irvine. Whether it be in between their own games or during the summer, freshman Ethan Chen, sophomore