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Monthly Archives: December 2018

There’s snow wonderful time like winter break

The second the last bell rings on Friday, students will burst in all directions at the end of a tedious week of finals to jump-start the two week break ahead of them. Though many decide to relax on their couches in the comfort of their

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It burns like…

Endless conditioning, early mornings and team bonding characterize the infamous winter sports’ “hell week.” “Hell week is a week to get us back into shape, which means a lot of conditioning and exercising both in and out of the water,” JV Girls Water Polo junior

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How to study for the winter finals

You leaf through the pages of your AP U.S. History textbook, trying to cram in all that you can before the final. You recognize Alexander Hamilton’s name from the musical, yet have no clue what his position on the federal government was. Panic consumes your