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Daily Archives: December 16

Northwood CubeSat helps launch second satellite into space

Northwood’s CubeSat Club contributed to the IPSF CubeSat program that made Irvine history on Monday, Dec. 3, launching the IRVINE02 satellite from Vandenburg, California, after a year of intense preparations. “It’s a huge task and I’m so proud of all the students and all the

Concerts bringing joy to the world of Northwood

Decking the concert hall with music, the winter concerts lifted holiday spirits, featuring Northwood’s choir, orchestra and band ensembles from Dec. 4-6. Kicking the week off was the vocal concert that featured all classes, including Treble, Bel Canto, Bass, Concert Chorale, Viva Cantar and Chamber.

Double trouble on varsity soccer

Sophomores Jacob and Tyler Trausch have been notable twins on Northwood’s boys soccer team since making it onto the varsity team in their freshman year with Tyler as left defender and Jacob as starting goalkeeper. Starting at the age of 5 years old, the two

National Organization for Women thrift sale

Northwood’s National Organization for Women (NOW) club held a thrift sale on Dec. 12 to raise funds for domestic violence victims and shelters. Students purchased a variety of price-reduced clothing that was brought by students and all proceeds went towards Laura’s House domestic violence shelters.