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Monthly Archives: November 2017

It’s Thanksgiving season! Time to cozy up with your friends over steaming plates of food! And what better companions than the Good, Bad and Ugly crew? Join us for some good conversation and advice, as we respond to all your worries. Dear Howler, I’m really

Dancers flourish at Fallout X

With finals and college app deadlines looming over the horizon, Northwood students took a break last week to celebrate their distinguished dance program as dancers stunned audiences at their annual fall dance concert, Fallout X, on Nov. 16 and Nov. 17. “The thing that I

The new and improved track

With the Spring sports season rapidly approaching, Northwood is lined up to get new facilities for its Track and Field team Currently, Northwood’s facilities consist of a dirt track and grass football field, which are often affected by inclement weather. After rainy nights, the track

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Quiz: Which Thanksgiving food are you?

Ever wondered what food you’d be if you weren’t a depressingly average high school student? Well, wonder no more—The Howler is here with a brand-new quiz, perfect for all your freaky Thanksgiving fantasies. My favourite color is… A nice, vibrant red, much like the color

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Goodbye CdM, hello Portola!

Starting from the 2018-2019 school year, the Pacific Coast League (PCL) will undergo some changes that may drastically affect the competition between Northwood and other teams. Beginning next year, Portola High will replace Corona del Mar in PCL, making PCL an all-Irvine league. These changes