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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Artist of the Month: Mulan Homo: Perfect Shots

If a picture is worth a thousand words, junior Mulan Homo is worth millions of them. Through the lens of her DSLR camera, she has captured the people and the world around her. This month, The Howler sits with Homo as she reveals her tips,

Great wins and heartbreaking losses

Here at Northwood, many of our athletes experience great wins and heartbreaking losses. For some, the wins and losses aren’t just about the end result of a game, match or meet. They can be great personal victories and team moments. Here are some of their

Gifting Thanksgiving Grams

Amid the season of giving, Thanksgiving Grams were a small way the Northwood community could show their gratitude and appreciation on campus. On Nov. 16 and 17, ASB sold candy grams at the Oak during break and lunch to students and staff for $1. These

Inklings Club: the writer’s safe haven

For some students, writing is a fun way to de-stress and unwind. For others worrying about anchors, in-class essays and college apps? Maybe not so much. Love it or hate it, everyone knows that writing is an important part of every high schooler’s academic experience.

Third annual State of the Student focuses on fortitude

With a day off from academic coursework, Northwood held its annual State of the Student, previously known as Wellness Day, on Nov. 2 dedicated to helping students cope with stress and live a healthier life. Highlights of the day included a video presentation compiled of