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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Plot Twist: Phones aren’t cancerous

Teenagers these days are very attached to their cell phones, and many keep their phones with them at all times—even when they’re sleeping. As a result of this “trend,” many people are concerned about “research” that suggests sleeping close to a phone can increase one’s

Everyone falls (some harder than others)

We are often drawn to the triumphant moments in sports, moments that define an athlete’s purpose on the field. However, very rarely do we get to take a closer look at those triumphant moments and see the funny, embarrassing stories that surround them. This month,

Halloween Pumpkin Crossword!

Across A round, orange squash. A smooth, North American fruit with slightly ribbed skin. An edible, thick-shelled, domesticated squash. A round, typically orange, plant ovary that grows on the vine of the Cucurbita pepo after its flowers are pollinated by pollinators such as bees. A

Legit NHS book spoilers

Quick, you forgot to do last night’s reading, and you have a pop quiz next period—what do you do? Duh! Sparknotes. (Or maybe LitCharts for you upperclassmen who need line-by-line analysis.) Now, not to discredit those wonderful sites—they’ve gotten me through a number of quizzes

Speech and Debate places 5th at national invitational

Northwood Speech and Debate competitors won fifth place in sweepstakes for overall performance and first place for debate sweepstakes last month at the annual Jack Howe Memorial Invitational, held on Saturday, Sept. 30 and Sunday, Oct. 1. This accomplishment marks one of the best performances