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Daily Archives: June 5

Memories as sweet as Sour Patch

After four years at Northwood, I have so many memories, and parts of them are special to me. Northwood made me a stronger person, with experiences I couldn’t have had anywhere else. I’ve been going to the creative writing club, Inklings, ever since the first

Northwood, let’s get down to business

When newbies join The Howler, they have to partake in the tradition where each newbie says their name, grade and what their favorite page is. This year was the first year my dream came true: someone said that their favorite page was the ad page.

On (not) getting by as a Sports Editor at Northwood

When most people think of Northwood, they automatically are wowed by the academic rigor and achievements of many students. Athletics at Northwood, however, are seemingly an afterthought, a key aspect of school that has been constantly been overlooked. Before we joined The Howler, we shared

Chris Nicola on his #roadtorecovery

The toughest athletes are not only able to overcome setbacks, but are also able to rise from them and come back even stronger. Junior Chris Nicola, an outstanding soccer player, has made multiple sacrifices over the years to develop his talent in the sport he