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Monthly Archives: February 2017

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The LAB antimall

Orange County has always been blessed with an abundance of hipster shops and food joints, and The LAB Antimall is no exception. “LAB” itself is an acronym for “Little American Business,” a testament to how much this anti-establishment hangout spot values small OC-based businesses. Located

Northwood winter sports excel at state playoffs

Northwood winter sports teams have certainly caused a riot in the Pacific Coast League (PCL) with three teams making it to the California Interscholastic Foundation (CIF) playoffs. Through dedication and hard work, Boys Basketball and Boys and Girls Soccer have set high standards for the

Seniors triumphant in Clash of the Classes

The senior class emerged victorious over the other grade levels during the 3rd annual Clash of the Classes from Feb. 6-10, winning the title of the most “spirited” class for the second time. “It was amazing to win Clash of the Classes, as I’m sure

Got a date?

Yes, Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but before the big day, we asked a number of students what their plans were. This is what they said; we’ll let you know next issue if they actually went through with them (sure we will).   David

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Good, Bad, Ugly: la edición de amor

Dear Howler, this guy and I like each other, but my parents are super strict and won’t let me date anyone. Help! Good: While your parents’ strictness may be the absolute worst thing in the world at the moment, remember that they are just probably