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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Really, what’s The Matter?

It has been a little under two years since The Matter ( was first created, and it is once again impressing students and faculty of Northwood. Created and run by an anonymous Northwood student, The Matter is a collection of surprisingly personal interviews that bring

The rise of the right

Over the course of the past year, the global political arena has witnessed a surge in the popularity of right-wing politicians and policies. This change has been especially evident in Europe. This past summer, after a nationwide vote that shocked the world, the United Kingdom

Feature: Prom Project

Prom Project is an organization that helps senior girls in Orange County receive free prom dresses and accessories, allowing them to confidently attend their Prom no matter what their budget is. Northwood’s Prom Project club is led by senior Shilpa Rajagopal. “After this fundraiser and

What people do at Starbucks

After snooping around at Starbucks for 16 hours, I feel qualified to write some common observations of what people do at Starbucks: Listen to whatever the new holiday-themed music is for the day. Wait in a fire-hazard line for a chance to order coffee Question

Spring sports seniors sign with colleges

Four of Northwood’s seniors signed contracts with colleges this past fall due to their outstanding performances in their respective spring sports. These seniors include Mack Nesbit, who signed with UNC Wilmington for swim; Sam Cachola, who signed with UC Berkeley for baseball; Kellie May who