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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Club’s successes across the campus

The Northwood Speech and Debate team competed in the California State University Fullerton Invitational, while the Model United Nation (MUN) club competed in in the Cerritos Novice Conference and hosted their own In-House conference this month. For the Speech and Debate Tournament, the California State

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Should recreational marijuana be legalized?

Yes: Armin Abaye Every 37 seconds, an American is thrown in jail for being caught with just a few ounces of marijuana. Possession of such a small amount could derail a student’s ability to attend college or damage someone’s employment prospects for the future. In

Stroll down memory lane

The Musicians United for Service and Entertainment (MUSE) club held a recital at the Atria Woodbridge Senior Living Community last Saturday from 4-5 p.m., performing violin, piano and vocal music. “I love MUSE because the senior citizens seem so happy when we play for them,”