A look into Trump’s Pinterest board

JUST SCROLLING BY: Trump browses through Pinterest boards, ready for a picture-perfect mugshot.
JUST SCROLLING BY: Trump browses through Pinterest boards, ready for a picture-perfect mugshot.
Madeleine Pham

Former President Donald Trump turned himself in for arrest on Aug. 22 on more than a dozen charges related to his effort to reverse the Georgia 2020 election results. According to trumplovers01062021.com, what most people don’t know is that during his car ride to the station, Trump ensured that he was prepared to take a mugshot picture worth a thousand words. Here are some things Trump took inspiration from while posing for his mugshot: 


1. Playboi Carti

Saying that Trump “fell in luv” with Carti’s mugshot look is an understatement. Not only did he take inspiration from Carti’s stare, but even ensured that his tie had a whole lot of red. However, if he did his research, he would’ve turned himself in on the first of the month instead of the 22nd.


2. Cuties Mascot

Trump knew that to make his mugshot iconic, he had to stick to his original look. No amount of police station air or lighting should dull his bright tangerine tan. Although he took inspiration for a new mugshot look, he tried to ensure that from far away, anyone could catch the glimmer of orange in the corner of their eye and instantly recognize the former President.


3. Sam Eagle – The Muppets

With the 2024 elections on the horizon, Trump has to reiterate that his DNA isn’t D-N-A, it’s U-S-A. The best way for him to achieve that despite getting arrested is to recreate the stare of the emblem of our nation depicted in one of the most life-changing American movies: “The Muppets.” 


4. The raised eyebrow emoji

If you turn up the exposure and sharpness on Trump’s mugshot, you might find that he morphs into this emoji. This was probably his reaction when he saw everybody online realizing that he copied Playboi Carti. 

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