A Glimpse of Korean Cuisine – Featuring H-Mart’s Food Court

If you’re a fellow Irvine-ian craving for a taste of Korean culture, you may find yourself wandering in the bustling food courts at the Northpark H-Mart. The supermarket at Northpark Plaza welcomed its first customers this past January and became an instant hit with local residents. 

Like every other H-Mart, the market has a food court near the exit for families to enjoy after a hectic hour of shopping. But with bustling crowds and overlapping conversations, trying to decide what to eat can be overwhelming. If you’re in the market for some delicious Korean cuisine, here are some of the highlights of what the Northpark H-Mart has to offer.

Hong Kong BanJeom
CHD Korean Dumplings
K-Pop Street Food
Moobongri Soondae
Cho Dang
Toures les Joures Bakery

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