“You’ve Reached Sam” by Dustin Thao

February 18, 2023


The meaning of a phone call drastically transforms over the course of “You’ve Reached Sam.”

If you could say anything to a loved one you lost, what would it be? For Julie, there are thousands, perhaps millions of things she wants to say to Sam, her ex-boyfriend who abruptly passed away in a car crash. While reeling in the aftermath of the loss, Julie discovers that her connection with Sam transcends reality itself. Closure after a relationship can often come in many different forms, but in “You’ve Reached Sam,” it’s a phone call that makes all the difference when Julie calls Sam… and actually reaches him. 

Attesting to the art of moving on, “You’ve Reached Sam” reaches into the depths of your heart. Thao’s poignant yet nostalgic writing style is sure to draw out all the feels. If you’re mourning the death of a relationship or simply are in need of a good cry, “You’ve Reached Sam” is perfect for you.

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