STUDENT SPEAK: Why your sport? Part Two

I think water polo is better because you use more techniques and in the summer you can get tan with it and it’s refreshing and a good morning workout. Water polo is the best in many ways—not just physically but mentally too. Before every game and practice you have to always mentally tell yourself a goal that you will work on before entering the water, so that each day you get better and better. In water polo, there is a chance to improve every day and every second. It is a sport that I just started last year and have now pursued because of how fun it is with letting you turn your anger into fun and learning new things every day.
— Yoshi Elsefi (11) Water Polo

We have the best aux, courtesy of me, so practices are fun. We also do fun bonding events like team dinners and bonfires and we have the best bus moments like blasting music, taking pictures, sharing our secret sister snacks and celebrating wins together. We have the best cheerleaders (all of the players on the sidelines that aren’t in are screaming super loud) and it creates a lot of support. We have good chemistry as a team because we’re all best friends. And in lacrosse, you have to actually master a lot of skills. You have to know how to use your stick and cradle to keep the ball and learn different things like how to shoot and stuff.
— Kaya Lee (12) Lacrosse

I joined my freshman year because all my friends were already in sports and I really didn’t wanna do PE. So I signed up for cross country thinking it would be an easy, easy thing to get my PE credit done with. But it was really hard the first few weeks, like we were starting off with six miles when I first started, and I had never run that much. So I was not doing too great at that time. But the team was really encouraging, and that helped me build a connection with the team and the sport. So then eventually, as I got used to the runs, it became more enjoyable just to go on a run and clear my head. It was nice and my team was very supportive too.
— Ansh Sankhala (10) Cross Country

Basketball is the best sport because it requires so many difficult aspects that all come together. It’s also how basketball is such a fast paced and a sort of unpredictable sport where everything happens all at once and there isn’t time to sulk on what just happened; you just shake it off and move onto the next possession. In basketball, if everyone is doing their part and really buying into each play, it flows so well it feels almost like an art.
— TJ Navarro (11) Basketball

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