“Never Forget” — choreographed by sophomore Louise Macatula 

January 5, 2023


Ellie Chan

ARDOR & ABUSE: The lead dancer strains against the hands holding her down in a representation of the residual trauma from the Holocaust.

Dance is special in that it has not only athletic prowess, but artistic intention—and “Never Forget,” a dance to John Williams’ “Theme from Schindler’s List,” is a true testament to both. The dance follows two lovers and a group of jealous onlookers who torment the lead physically, mentally and emotionally. Their abuse drives the lead to kill herself; and though her love interest tries to stop her, she fails to save her in time.

“I created my dance as a remembrance to the Holocaust and to give a subtle reminder of how it affected the world, and especially the Jewish community,” Macatula said. “The love interest tries to stop her from killing herself but at this point, the trauma from the event is too much to stop. This dance refers to how the Holocaust left scars in the Jewish community which still last today, even if they aren’t obvious to the rest of the world.”

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