Annabel Tiong and Elena Higuchi

“Hand-pulled espresso and steamed milk meet the richness of pumpkin. Topped with a sprinkling of baking spices for an essential autumn treat.”


At this point, call us the Fall Grinch, but we weren’t huge on this one either. There’s definitely a consistent watered-down coffee theme with these fall menu items, and Peet’s is quite the conformist in this regard. We barely tasted any of the pumpkin, and instead were greeted with a punching wave of sweetness mixed with bitter nutty flavor from the espresso.

The presentation was quite nice though, as the whole drink was blended elegantly to have a marble orange-white layering itself. If you’d like a drink just to post a picture for your ‘study cafe fall vibes aesthetic,’ this is the one.

As for the price, let’s just say, thank God we had another coupon. ($6.95 for a large.)


Fall Flavor: 2.25/5

Presentation: 3.25/5

Worth it?: 2/5

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