Elena Higuchi

Chinese Jiaozi are savory dumplings that have a flour-based wrapper stuffed with seasoned minced meat and vegetables. They can be cooked in a variety of ways: steamed, boiled, deep fried or put into soup. Jiaozi is often paired with ponzu sauce or vinegar sauce.


 “My earliest memories of dumplings were watching a crowd of tall relatives and family friends laugh and converse over each other. There is an organized assembly line: The women work on the filing—a mixture of pork, chives, green onions and sesame oil—while the men roll out the dough of flour and water. 

We eat dumplings every day, but also on special occasions. It’s somewhat paradoxical, since usually people think of holiday foods as elaborate, but dumplings are a staple food enjoyed at any time, and it is this simplicity and the frequency with which we eat it that evokes memories of family during the past year. It’s really comforting and easy to make, and has a great savory flavor.” – junior Andy Gao 


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