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DYNAMIC DUO: Senior Mahmoud Ali watches his team execute on the pitch (left); Senior Lexi Chang drops in a shot over the defense (right).

Five life essentials with Mahmoud Ali and Lexi Chang

Athletic commissioners seniors Mahmoud Ali and Lexi Chang have been hard at work as they prepare for this sports season’s festivities: a tough task amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. A born athlete, Ali has been playing soccer since the age of three, and in recent years was named Most Valuable Player for Northwood’s frosh soccer team. Similarly, Chang has been playing basketball and tennis since second grade. To help them achieve their goals, the commissioners have some very important items that allowed them to achieve success.

The Howler: What is the main essential you can’t live without?

Mahmoud Ali: First, a soccer ball because it’s been around all my life. I love to play soccer, and it definitely helps to stay focused physically and mentally, and helps me let loose most times.

Lexi Chang: First thing is my mom. She has been my number one supporter and has left work early to come see every single one of my basketball, tennis and softball games for the last four years.

TH: What’s an essential that helps you relax?

MA: I’d say honey. It’s weird, but I put honey on almost every breakfast. Oats aren’t that tasty alone, and honey is just the sugary addition you need. Seven days a week, it’s my go-to.

LC: A hoodie and sweatpants is essential because putting on a comfy hoodie and sweatpants after school and practice is the best feeling ever.

TH: Are there any essential items that help you throughout the day?

MA: My agenda since that’s where I put everything that I need for the day. From having breakfast to finishing calculus homework, it keeps me organized, gives my day some meaning and organization.

LC: My car is essential. I commute from my house and school multiple times a day, so without a car, it would be very difficult to be on time. Then again, if I didn’t have a car, I’d be super conditioned.

TH: Do you have an essential that you enjoy using?

MA: It would have to be my Hearts to Heroes t-shirt. As the financial director of Hearts to Heroes, I absolutely love the people I work with. I love wearing that shirt, and I have pride when wearing it.

LC: That would be YouTube. I spend almost all of my free time watching every beauty related video imaginable on YouTube.

TH: Is there any sentimental item that’s essential to you?

MA: The watch that I wear was my grandpa’s and he gave it to my dad freshman year, then my dad gave it to me sophomore year. It’s a piece of family heritage that I value. I could not live without my watch either. It tells time but also the value of my family moving all the way from Egypt to the United States. My grandpa had bought it from Morocco originally. and it’s a piece of him that we still have today.

LC: That would be the necklaces that I wear. They’re super sentimental to me and I never take them off. They’re kind of like my good luck charm, and they go to every class and practice with me.

TH: Finally, what does being athletic commissioner mean to you?

MH: Being athletic commissioner is the embodiment of Northwood Athletics’ core values just like any other athlete. I’m very grateful for that mindset, and I try to help those who’ve helped my teammates and I for the last four years.

LC: An athletic commissioner is using dedication and experience to bring ideas to the table and improving the program as a whole.

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