Youngbo Shim crowned Mr. Timberwolf

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 At Northwood’s fifth annual Mr. Timberwolf pageant, held on Feb. 23 in the Northwood theatre, 13 male seniors showed off their talent and wit in hopes of becoming the newest Mr. Timberwolf.

Mr. Timberwolf is a charitable event in which 13 male seniors are chosen to compete in a pageant where proceeds go towards the winner’s charity of choice. Senior Youngbo Shim emerged victorious, donating $1,206 to his charity of choice: the Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

“It feels great to win,” Shim said. “It was amazing to see that my choreographed dance moved enough people to make a real change. Due to the tons of trash and growing noise pollution problem, our whales and dolphins are losing their habitats, so it was nice to give back.”

The final Mr. Timberwolf was chosen by a combination of teacher judges and popular vote. The pageant featured 12 other contestants including seniors Collin Press, Mike Coleman, Alex Aviles, Chris Lee, Andrew Wraith, Derek Kim, David Lin, Farhan Khan, Krishna Ravi, Andrew Lee, Steven Gong and David Park, and the event was hosted by ASB community representatives juniors Kaylee Nguyen and Aniela Bokota.

“It was really nerve-wracking but fun at the same time,” Nguyen said. “My favorite part of the show was definitely the group dance because the boys worked so hard for weeks leading up to it and had so much fun together.”

The show opened with a jocular group dance presenting the candidates in a medley of pop songs, choreographed by seniors Sunny Lee and Crystal Leung.  Later, the contestants showcased their skills in the talent round, which included singing, dramatic poetry readings and extreme food catching tricks. The final portion of the pageant was the question round for individuals to showcase their personalities.

Creating the show took weeks of after school rehearsals from the nominees and stage crew; however, the dedication proved to be a memorable experience for the graduating seniors.

“Winning didn’t matter to any of us, and getting closer to each of them was a blast,” Coleman said. “Each guy owned the stage with his talents and it was an honor to dab alongside them.”