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Yeehaw! NTV lassoes awards at OCFF

Northwood students emerged victorious from the 16th Orange County Film Festival on Jan 4, an annual convention for local young filmmakers and performers to showcase their cinematic creations with seniors Kylia LaMure, Danielle Smith and Jennifer Lin winning in the categories for Best Short Film, Best Anchor and Best Music Video, respectively.

Held at Northwood’s Performing Arts Center, this year’s Western-themed festival featured live horses that paraded around the venue, and actors in cowboy and cowgirl costumes who greeted guests. After the guests arrived, the event began with quick speeches from leaders of the program and previous winners from the festival, who segued into a screening of the submissions from attendees of the festival.

“My short film took a total of 3 months, and I wrote, directed, and produced it,” LaMure said. “For me, it was a long process—I started with scripting out a story and I sent it to my friends who go to college for film, and then chose actors who I had worked with before and had liked their acting styles.”

Winners in each judging category were selected by leaders of FilmEd Academy of the Arts, a video production company, after a screening of all the submissions from the attendees. The festival was concluded with an awards ceremony, where winners from each category graced the stage to present their acceptance speeches.

“There is a wide range of categories to win from at the festival, from Best Short Film to Best PSA,” LaMure said. “The judges also take into account how videos are shot and colored, how the sound draws the audience in, and how emotion is brought through the characters.”

In collaboration with FilmEd, the festival is able to provide a chance for aspiring filmmakers, actors, directors and producers to experience a realistic awards ceremony and screening activities after months of work creating and producing their film submissions.

“I’m so lucky to have gotten into this program; as I go into the film industry for college, I’m going to have all the connections with students I met from other schools at the festival,” LaMure said. “When I first started film, I questioned whether this would all really happen for me, but then I found people from NTV and other schools to help, and had so much support from those around me.”