Winner, chicken dinner!

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The fastest growing food chain in America is all about one thingchicken fingers. Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers is quickly becoming a go-to option for those who have the time. And the money.

Although it is a fast food restaurant, the prices definitely don’t reflect that. The cost of a combo with six fried fingers, fries, Texas toast and some coleslaw is around $13 including tax. However, if you prefer to eat less, they do have smaller combos with only three pieces of chicken that are available for around $7.

That being said, the quality is much better than you’d expect. Unlike most fast food restaurants, which will keep food in a heater for hours before finally being sold, the food at Cane’s is always fresh, and served quickly too. You can expect to wait around five minutes if you go inside, but beware, the drive through lines can get long. Crispy, juicy and hot, the chicken fingers themselves are some of the best you can get at a fast food restaurant, or anywhere for that matter. But chicken isn’t their only specialty. Raising Cane’s Texas Toast is probably one of the fluffiest, crispiest pieces of bread you’ll ever eat. But it doesn’t stop there. The Cane’s sauce is absolutely addictive.

If you have the time to dine in, Cane’s is a great place to sit down with a couple of friends and chat. However, don’t expect to go here next lunch. The drive to the nearest location is at least 20 minutes, but is well worth it if you’re looking for the best chicken fingers you can get.