When you wish upon your local Make-a-Wish

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Northwood’s Make-a-Wish club was awarded a plaque this month for achieving their goal of raising money to grant the wish of Sergio S, a child who was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 17. The $5000 donation allowed Sergio to fulfill his wish to go on a shopping spree at Best Buy to upgrade the electronics in his home, which his mother was unable to afford on her own.

“I’m incredibly proud that our club was able to give back to the community in such a meaningful way,” Make-a-Wish co-president senior Caitlyn Chen said. “Seeing Sergio use our donation in a selfless manner inspired us to work even harder in the future, especially because the yearly donation amount has risen to $7500 starting last September.”

Make-a-Wish began raising the $5000 for Sergio at the beginning of last school year through various fundraisers such as ice skating socials, selling chocolate at school and working gift-wrapping tables at local malls. Their biggest event is Oakfest, a music festival at the Oak featuring local artists and Northwood students, in collaboration with See Northwood Live and several other clubs.

“Make-a-Wish has been a wonderful opportunity that has allowed me to meet new people through events and give back to the community,” freshman Richelle Shim said.

The Make-a-Wish organization works to grant the wishes of children with critical illnesses in the United States. With the help of volunteers, donors and supporters, they are able to grant a wish every 34 minutes. The process of granting a wish begins with a referral and medical eligibility, which requires the child to be diagnosed with a progressive, degenerative or malignant condition. If the child meets the eligibility requirements, a team from Make-a-Wish will be employed to connect with the child and personalize their wish so they have a perfect experience.

If you’re interested in raising money to help children through this program, Northwood’s Make-a-Wish club meets every other Monday in 1205 and is currently working to plan Oakfest, which will take place in April.