What’s all the buzz about clubs?

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Northwood’s annual Club Info Fair on Oct. 17 gave students an opportunity to discover new clubs and potential interests.

During lunch, many of Northwood’s over 70 clubs gathered around the Oak to hand out informational flyers and ask students to sign up for their mailing lists. With so many clubs to choose from, students are often uncertain about what each club does and whether or not it interests them. Club Info Fair allowed them to learn more about each one.

“Club Info Fair gives all students an opportunity to explore the variety of clubs that Northwood offers. This gets everyone more involved in club activities they’re interested in, including different organizations and hobbies, while getting involved in the school community,” Pink Ribbon Club President junior Rachel Yu said.

In addition, clubs connect people who share similar interests. By joining a student organization, students are also able to make new friends, develop leadership skills and give back to the community.

“Clubs give students a chance to do what they like,” UNICEF events coordinator junior Ankit Rastogi said. “It’s a chance that many of us don’t get with school stress. Clubs provide a nice outlet for relieving that stress. It’s also a good way for everyone to engage themselves in school culture and, at the same time, grow and share their interests with the community.”

If there is not a club on campus for your particular interest, you can submit your own application and start one at the beginning of next semester.